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thumb med01The main style in our work is to focus not only on the symptoms of the patient but to look at him as one physical, mental, emotional and spiritual whole. This allows us to identify the exact causes for the diseases and to recommend the proper individual treatment. We focus the attention of the patient on the two way connection mind/emotions ↔ body, according to many recent studies the number of the psychosomatic conditions increases all the time due to the bad psycho-emotional state of people. Even Hippocrates has said that to be healthy means to have balance and harmony within yourself and with the outside world. We also believe that health is a dynamic balance which is achieved with a life following the laws of nature, that what goes on in the mind affects the body and that one should be treated wholly, taking also into account the environment one lives and works. This is the reason why our Clinic successfully combines the advances of conventional medicine with the traditions of the natural medicine. We believe that there is no contradiction between them and we contribute to the establishment of one Whole Medicine that helps us be truly healthy.


It is done by a psychiatrist. It is done in addition to the main treatment and it gives good lasting effects. It is recommended in cases of neurosis, depression, chronic tiredness, nervous disorders, insomnia, emotional instability, anorexia/bulimia.

Physiotherapy and acupuncture

The Clinic offers acupuncture, ultrasound, laser, and electro- therapy, prescribed and carried out by a physiotherapy specialist. It is advised in cases of joint and muscle pain, traumas, arthritis and arthrosis, neuralgia, plexitis, radiculitis, discopathy, chronic gynecological infections.

Cleansing ionophoresis

thumb med10A method of mobilizing the toxins and gradually getting them out through the skin through the application of week electricity. It improves the overall tonus of the body and stimulates all living functions, improves the metabolic process and reduces wrinkles.

Hydro colon therapy

Hydro colon therapy - a method using advanced equipment for the cleansing of the colon. It is recommended for cases of constipation, chronic colitis, migraine, chronic exhaustion, allergies and autoimmune illnesses It is combined with the intake of probiotics which improves the intestinal flora.

Probiotics therapy

Intake of special functioning food (probiotics), with a rich content of live bacteria Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, which suppress the putrefaction processes in the intestines and which have a powerful healing effect and slowing the ageing processes effect. This can be done on its own or in combination with hydrocolon therapy.

We have 36 guests and no members online

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