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Fasting is the oldest treatment method, which every being instinctively practices when he or she gets ill. He stops eating and sometimes drinking, hides somewhere and after a while gets out out healed. Man noticed this behavior amongst animals and started practicing it himself. The method is called fasting. Nowadays some specialists use the more precise term nutritional therapy.

Healing fasting as a treatment goes back thousand of years in history. The oldest recorded cases date back to ancient Egypt. The method is mentioned often in the writings of ancient scientists from Babylon, Judea, Persia, China, Tibet, Greece and Rome. Amongst the first doctors treating patients with fasting were the fathers of modern medicine- Avicenna and Hypocrites, who said: "If the body is not cleansed, the more we feed it, the more harm we do to it."

Fasting was widely practiced during the Middle Ages and later in Germany, England and Switzerland. The first mention of fasting in Russia is from the 18th century.

Fasting was practiced by Paul Bragg (1895-1976) and Herbert Shelton (1895-1985), honorary doctors of medicine, chiropractor and naturopractor. In 1928 Shelton founded his School of Health, in 1948 he was one of the founders of the American Society of Natural Hygiene. In 1978 he formed a professional association known today as the International Association of Hygiene Medical Practitioners (IAHP). The main purpose of this organization is to publish studies on the fasting treatment result.

emi18In the 20 th century fasting is widespread due to the medical practice based greatly on the natural therapeutic methods. Fasting is scientifically studied in Russia, Germany, the USA, France, Australia and Bulgaria. The works of the German doctor Otto Buchinger got world wide acclaim. His clinics also work today.

Bulgaria's contribution was to develop the softer fasting treatment method. The famous healer Lydia Kovacheva ingeniously decided to add fresh fruit and herb teas with honey to the fast. That is how the current fasting methods was created. It combines the powerfully healing effect of fasting with the easiness and universal suitability of healthy nutritious days.

Dr Emilova tried the method on herself in 1992. She was so impressed with the result that she decided to start a Clinic for treatment with fruit. Her experience in this field shows that fasting with fruit has the same healing effect as the water fast, but it is easier to take by the patients. Dr Emilova develops the method to a higher level, combining it with extensive tests done with the most advanced medical equipment. Thus the treatment without any risk can be applied for the cure of serious illnesses, which until recently was considered impossible. Dr Emilova was awarded the Michail Lomonosov Honour in 2007 for her personal contribution for the good relations between Russia and Bulgaria and for her high achievements in health care.

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